3105 W Davis St, DALLAS, TX.
1600 W Main street, Grand Prairie, TX.


We are a family owned business, from Veracruz, México, not a TEX-MEX restaurant, authentic Veracruzan Food, (not seafood) street food, just like each “Jarocho” eats every day: Picadas, garnachas, empanadas, tostadas, tortas, tacos, tamales, enchiladas, plus our signature salsas and our delicious home made MOLE. If you never tried our food, you should come to visit us. 

Named on the best's Dallas Restaurant's for 2 consecutive years, 2018 and 2019 by the OBSERVER

Limon's Restaurant is a Family owned business located in North Texas. 

Mr Simon and Francisca Limon, Limon's restaurant's owners, 5 years ago they stablished an small but delicious Veracruz cooking style restaurant, they have earned lots of awards because of the TASTE of the food, but principally because they are not another TEXMEX restaurant, they have an authentic flavor.

They started this kind of restaurant trying to share with other people their culinary roots. 

And now, with their children David and Dania Limon, they are ready to grown the business. 

La Bamba - Son Jarocho - Veracruz
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